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How do I get credit for new/changed D/T rating on a cache I already found?

+1 vote
I found GC4T8WJ on 10/26/2015.  The D/T rating was changed to a 2/3.5.  How do I get credit for the change on my puzzle fizzy?  The hole is still on the grid.
asked Jan 8 in Support and help by 7oakley (170 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
On the main Project-GC site, click the Support button in the top-right and select Self-support. Enter the GC code into the text box and click Refresh.

After this, you'll need to wait until your stats refresh. This can take about a week if you're a non-paying member or a day or two if you're a paying member.
answered Jan 8 by sumbloke (Expert) (29,680 points)
And, that said, this will eventually happen by itself anyway, but then it may take a good while before the cache refreshes by itself.