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Friend League statistics


Ever wondered how you are doing more globally in the current Friend League? We have the answer for you. Either look at the world top list or filter it down on country level to see how you are doing.

There are some important factors to consider though. In our point calculation we do not include information about trackables (discovers, drops ...). One must also consider that our data has a bit of delay, you won't find your points here immeditaly after logging it at Geocaching.com. Also, we don't have the exact same deadline of when logs are created, for technical reasons. In short, there will be discrepancies, the below data should be seen as an estimate.

Global statistics

Current Friend League: Planetary Pursuit
Total points: 65,518,055
Most points: torado (41,920 points)
#Earth souvenirs: 370,876
#Venus souvenirs: 304,666
#Mercury souvenirs: 234,599
#Mars souvenirs: 168,424
#Jupiter souvenirs: 131,031
#Saturn souvenirs: 104,237
#Uranus souvenirs: 71,290
#Neptune souvenirs: 56,708
#Pluto souvenirs: 42,216
#Official Space Explorer souvenirs: 42,216

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