Web browser extension

We have created a script that will extend the user experience of Geocaching.com by adding data and functions from Project-GC to it. Our script is built upon Greasemonkey technology.

The userscript is mostly meaningful for our paying members. For non paying members the enabled features are quite limited.

Open source

The userscript is open source, and anyone is allowed to push updates. If you are interested, clone the project at Github.

Which web browsers are supported?

The script is primarily tested with Chrome and Firefox, it should work with other web browser supporting Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey as well.

Different web browser will require the use of different extensions to make it work.


To make the script work with Firefox, Greasemonkey needs to be installed.

To make the script work with Chrome, Tampermonkey needs to be installed.

Opera Next and Safari has not been tested, but it's assumed that Tampermonkey will make it work.

Features of the script:

  • Add to Virtual GPS straight from Geocaching.com.
  • Add challenge checkers to Geocaching.com automatically.
  • Make copy friendly GC-Code and geocache page link.
  • Add link to the PGC Live map from geocache pages.
  • Duplicate latest logs to the top.
  • Add a reverse geocoded address below the coordinates of a geocache.
  • Remove the UTM coordinates.
  • Add favorite point data from Project-GC.
  • Add links to Profile stats after every geocachers name.
  • Tidy up Geocaching.com a bit. Most focus has been on the geocache page.
  • Collapse download links.
  • Add links to Project-GC gallery where suitable.
  • Add links to map bookmark lists.
  • Automatically decrypt hints.
  • Add elevation data after geocache coordinates.
  • Remove disclaimer from geocache pages.

All functions of the script can individually be turned on/off.



You can download the script from Greasy Fork. Once installed, it will automatically update itself to the latest version in the future.

How to install

Work in progress