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No point for gift paid [closed]

+1 vote

Hi, for the first payment 28.10 I got pgc points, but for the second payment 17.12.2018 I still have not got points, I would like to have a year

2018 diamond badge. I do not know where the error occurred. Thank you for your answer

closed with the note: statistic is fix
asked Dec 28, 2018 in Support and help by lides1977 (270 points)
closed Jan 7 by lides1977
Its same for me this year, hope Project-GC Team will fix this!
Maybe all the trouble is related to the message on the website:
We are currently experiencing issues with our database cluster. This could cause unexpected behaviours.
Hope they will give the points and the badge when the database is repaired...
Good Luck Project-gc team.
Happy New Year!

I know it was christmas and new year and did not expect much action here.
As maybe expected, I still got no extra PGC-Points for my donation in 2018 (and got therefore also the wrong badge)
and also it still tells the wrong total amount on the donation page
(at least the amount does not include my last donation from 20.12.2018 21:46 via PayPal)

Since I believed the trouble could be caused by the fact, that I use another email-Adress at Paypal as I do in projects-gc (?) I opened a Support-Ticket with no reaction until now.

So I stay tuned and hope that - once the technical troubles with their database cluster are fixed  - and they came back to normal work, somebody has time to care for our "problems"
I will be hope too...
now is statistic  on PGC allright :)
Thank you project-gc for fixing this.
Maybe someone can mark the question as „answered“ now?

1 Answer

–1 vote
Best answer
Thx for answer .Statistic is allright.
answered Jan 7 by lides1977 (270 points)