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When planning a Mystery cache which coordinates are considered for the NESW map, posted (virtual) or physical (actual)?

+1 vote
I want to make one of my caches the "northernmost" cache in my county but my virtual pin is on the other side of the border. Will this cause the cache to not be recognized as such, because the virtual marker is in the next county? Or will it still recognize this to be in my county based on the final coordinates? I don't want to move the virtual marker if I can help it (posted coordinates) but if this makes all the difference, then I do.
asked Feb 7 in Support and help by Neigh4 (130 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
All statistics on Project-GC work on the posted coordinates. We don't have the corrected coordinates, and even if we did, using them could spoil the puzzle for others.
answered Feb 7 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (113,850 points)
Thank you!! I'm still learning these things. This completely solves my inquiry. Thanks!