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Der Filter "Exclude my hides" ist nicht angewält. [closed]

0 votes

Now again from the front.
On the live map of Projekt GC I see an own
Cache (GC4A0FY - Einfach Physik) does not.
About 0.1 miles next to it I see my own cache (GC2H3JK Around Basel) without problems.
The filter of the live map is without marker.

asked Feb 11 in Bug reports by SOS51-Team (240 points)
closed Feb 18 by Jakuje (Moderator)
Can you clarify what is the question here? If there is no question other than the original, please close/hide this one.
Both these caches are owned by SOS51-Team, and are located close to each other. The question is that one of them is being shown while the other is not when there is no filter such as 'Exclude my hides' selected.
That is part of the original question, which is already answered. Closing.