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Is there any way to get permission to establish lab caches?

0 votes
Is there any way to get permission to establish lab caches?
asked Mar 11, 2019 in Support and help by Vlada67 (740 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The lab caches are most frequently part of mega or giga events and they are deployed in cooperation of the event owners. I do not know about any way how to create a lab cache without that.
answered Mar 11, 2019 by Jakuje (Moderator) (103,190 points)
I've found that lab caches have recently been published and are unrelated to any Giga or Mega events. These lab caches can be captured using the Adventure Lab application, and my question was just about that. So it is currently possible to establish a lab cache outside the Giga or Mega event?
You did not say anything about that in your question. Adventure lab caches are completely different type and it was invite only. I got an email in January to sign up and after that few people were selected and awarded the credit to create the first Adventure Lab caches. That is all I got from my inbox. I did not find any public official information about this.
Thank you very much for your answer. I would like to add a little more to my previous question, probably poorly translated or translated (I do not speak English and I only work with google translator). So: Will it be possible to set up adventure lab caches in the near future?
Probably yes. It is still in Beta. This blog post actually summarizes it:
"So, if you are not selected this time, we plan to have other opportunities where you may be selected"
@Jakuje: As I've understood it, the Adventure Lab app is a new way to search for and log lab caches, but this is not a new type of lab caches. The previous web-based way to handle lab caches will be discontinued. Recently, some COs were given the opportunity to create a lab cache (and it seems that this will happen again), but this was not the first time this happened. A few years ago, many (everyone?) could create a lab cache on, IIRC, Valentine's Day which is why my hide stats include a lab cache.